Product NameLevelWeight
TKO Bar200mg(10)4oz
Marshmallow and peanut butter join together for a solid combo followed by a potent peanut-caramel punch, sure to bring relief to even the heavy hitters.
Rainbow Kaos Krunch35mg(3)2.5oz
A fruity-colorful crunch of a candy bar that’s sure to revive and provide relief
Joyous Almonds105mg(7).85oz
Our medicated version of the candy store standard, we think ours is better, hope you do too! Milk chocolate, coconut, almonds, and THC make this an amazing treat.
Patty’s Peppermint105mg(7).85oz
Dark Chocolate surrounds cool soothing peppermint cream
Harlequin Bar100mg(6).85oz
Our spicy take on an old classic. Cayenne infused milk chocolate surrounds a rich hash caramel center.
D’z Nutz100mg(6)20(g)
4 sugar-free dark chocolate drops at 25mg THC each
Nookie Cookie35mg(3)1.0oz
Only all natural ingredients go into this sweet treat-Vegan,gluten-free, & low-sugar
Cloud 9 Experience40mg(4)1.75oz
Fluffy marshmallow and sweet milk chocolate will have you floating while a pecan-pretzel crunch which will tease your taste buds for a truly heavenly experience.
Cloud 9 Mini25mg (3)14g
A bite-sized version of our most popular candy bar. Go ahead, pop one in your mouth.
Over 100mgs packed into the conveniently sized and incredibly delicious KarmaKandi. A single bite is enough, even for those with intense medicinal needs. Original milk-caramel, cinnamon, chocolate, sour apple, and chocolate-mint.
Buddha Brownie40mg(4)1.5oz
A light, cakey, cocoa brownie more green than brown, meant to lift you up, not weigh you down.
Righteous Krispy Bar40mg(4)2oz
Crispy, gooey, medicated and covered in chocolate. Gluten free.
Gaia’s Fish100mg(6)1.4oz
One of our hard candies in Fish-form- 10 fish, 10mgTHC per fish, flavor options of mixed fruit, cinnamon, and Peppermint.
Our highest dosed hard candy - 4 per pack. Approximately 12.5 mg THC per Lozenge.
Cougher Drops100mg(6)1.5oz
Perfect for any sore throat or common cold, our mentholated cough drops provide relief in a variety of fashions. Mixed tin of Mentholated Strawberry and Lemon-Mint. 15 drops per pack.
Pot Drops20mg(2).28oz
A mild dose in classic hard candy form - 7 drops per pack.
Sweet & Sour Drops100mg(6)1.4oz
New & mouth-puckeringly awesome! Available in mixed fruit flavors.
SugarFree Drops100mg (6)1.4oz
20 berry-flavored, zero calorie drops to mildly medicate. Comes in assorted packs of huckleberry, raspberry, and cranberry.
Gaia's Lollipop65mg (5)1.0oz
Medicated classic hard candy... on a stick!
Heads & tails200mg (10)2.8oz
Like the smaller pack of fish, but more of them!